Monday, January 25, 2016

2016 Fishpond Delta Sling Pack Review

When I picked up my new Delta Sling Pack from Fishpond, it was like Christmas morning.  Fishpond put a lot of love into this innovative new sling.  The bag is symmetrically designed, so a lefty or a righty can both use this bag all day long, or you can switch shoulders from time to time to combat fatigue.  Looking for gear attachments?  Try over forty different straps, tabs, loops and attachment points!  With a well thought out “work station” on the shoulder pad, there are a myriad of places to attach your nippers, hemostats and all the other stuff we all carry on the water.  Most of these items are easily reached without having to turn the bag around.

The Delta Sling has a slim profile, but can be loaded to the gills if you choose to do so.  Fishpond’s tippet cords and Headgate tippet rollers attach perfectly to the bag in a few different configurations.  Four main compartments are set up to hold all of your fly boxes with room to spare for lunch and a rain jacket.  A Velcro attachment found in the main compartment can be set up for a pistol holster, and the small zippered pouches found below the shoulder strap attachments are perfect for dry shake, fishing license, and the like.

Many sling packs don’t offer a net slide or attachment, and this is where this bag really shines.  A generously wide net slide keeps your net right where you need it, and is perfect for the “big boy” nets anglers tend to haul around these days.  When the net is in the slide and you need to access the bag, simply lifting the net a few inches and rotating it 90 degrees makes getting into the zippered compartments a snap.  Long handled nets as well as short ones stay safely secured and out of the way while actively fishing. 

 A simplified belt strap keeps the sling pack situated in the middle of your back, and can be switched from left to right shoulder configurations for comfort.  Fishpond gains credibility yet again with their “Cyclepond” materials, which are 40% to 100% recycled fishing nets.  The Cylclepond material is great looking and long lasting.  The main compartment allows light through the material, which makes finding what you’re looking for super easy, especially if it’s rolling around in the bottom of the bag. 

The comfort of the Delta Sling is undeniable.  The wide and soft shoulder strap distributes weight evenly, and the bag stays out of the way of casting motions.  The straps offer maximum adjustability for different body types, and ventilation is much better than traditional hip packs, as the bag sits on your hip instead of the middle of your back.  The meshy back panel and foam padding are very comfortable for day-long use.  If you are in the market for a new fishing pack, swing by your local Fishpond dealer and check this bag out.  You’ll like what you see, enjoy the variety of setup options, and look good on the water, too. 

Price:  $149.95

Words and photographs by Scott Spooner