Thursday, July 14, 2011

Lightning Round Poetry

This time of year we often suggest an evening float or walk wade trip on the Roaring Fork River. After a long run-off, both the bugs and fish are very active and you can have some of your best dry fly fishing of the year for Caddis and Drakes....

Lightening Round

I went out to the muddy river, hungry at its banks

it pulled hungrily at me, I let it pull.

Rod in hand I cast into a slow seam, nymphs

down dropping down, and felt a rock,

another rock, then a quick tick.

When I let my last fish go, dusk and drakes

were on the wing, descending, descending.

I changed to a dry fly and let it fall,

silent as the dew it fell, and where

it landed I couldn't see, but landed all the same

and took another trout beneath the silver moon.

I heard the river all night in my dreamless sleep

wet and heavy. Tangled in its currents I rose at dawn

and slipped back to its wadering edge.

Written by TC Guide, Cameron Scott

Forthcoming under the title "A Song from Yeats" in Sugar Mule,, issue #32