Saturday, February 6, 2010

Recent Pics of the Pan and Fork

I had a bit of time on my heads so enjoy some pics from this past week of Pan and Fork fish. See you all soon. -Kirk Webb-

Roaring Fork Midge Mania

It's February finally! The days are getting longer and warmer and with that comes Midge Mania. This is easily one of my favorite months of the year for fishing. It's kind of like a bomb waiting to go off. Any day now the fishing is set to go off the charts and just explode. These longer, warmer days make the midge hatches really intensify. This is the month where the midges hatch in such numbers that fish begin rising and moving out of the traditional deep and slow pools transitioning into the riffles during the afternoons and evenings following the bugs. In my eye it's the first sign that spring is on the way...Thank God. I love winter fishing but there's just something special about the renewel of spring and spring fishing. A good customer was in the shop today and called February the fifth season. I like the sounds of that and it couldn't be anymore true. We're all fired up with the superb fishing taking place, knowing that somehow it only gets better and better each and every day. Needless to say, all of us have been getting our waders wet as much as possible lately. I've been fishing the Roaring Fork more and more lately with the abundance of ideal water and weather conditions Not only are these fish hot, but often the largest fish of the year are caught during the prespawn months of February and the first half of March. I've noticed in my own fishing lately that the big bows of the Fork have come out of hiding and are eating really well too. I'll try to post some more pics and info in the coming week. Until then, get out there. -Kirk Webb-