Saturday, November 12, 2011

Creatures of Habit

Dedicated and hardcore fly fishing bums are no different than your average ski bum. Both groups seemingly live on the fringe of greatness that only a few actually ever attain. They both have that “feast and famine” personality type that scrounges by, doing as little work as possible to survive and pursue their passions. Some nights they’re buying everyone a round of drinks, while on others they’re eating ramen noodles and week old pizza. Both groups seemingly know everyone in town. They know where the hook-ups are, whether it’s the bartender that gives them free drinks or the cute coffee shop girl that gives them free java. Living cheaply is also about living smartly and knowing the need-to-know persons in town to help you survive.

It always amazes me that people envy our fly fishing lifestyle. I’m told that we come off as having a care free attitude where the only thing that matters is the present. To a certain extent that’s true. Over time I have also acquired enough fishing equipment to open my own store. Actually, I have an entire room devoted to just my fly tying gear alone. Your average fly fishing bum generally has the newest, most expensive set of fly rods but probably can’t make his monthly truck payment. I’m also told that fly fishermen are creatures of habit. That’s definitely not true.

I started off my last off day by not taking a shower, throwing on my fleece and Crocs, getting a free cup of coffee at the store, followed by my usual pit stop at Breakfast in America for a breakfast burrito and another cup of coffee. I then drove down to Glenwood Springs where I strung up my newest fly rod and fished the Colorado and Roaring Fork rivers. As usual during this time of year, I start fishing down valley and then gradually fish my way back up to Basalt. Without fail, the best fishing of my day happened to be in one of my favorite spots. After my hands were too cold from releasing more than my share of trout, I drove home, grabbed a beer and watched some football. Maybe they’re right? Maybe we are creatures of habit that live care free, happy lives? All I can tell you is that it my life doesn’t suck.

Written by Kirk Webb, Taylor Creek Fly Shop