Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Spring Fishing Conditions Abound

Sorry it's been such a long time. I've had a ton of vacation time to burn the past six weeks and as you can guess, have been fishing my face off. Went and fished the Floriday Keys with two of our other guides and have lately been reminded of why I live in the Roaring Fork Valley. The fishing in the valley has been incredible and the weather, perfect! Taylor Creek has been teaching a number of the kids from Aspen High School how to become hardcore fly anglers. This week long program has included classes on gear, knot tying, rigging, entomology, reading the water, casting and of course - actual time spent on the water fishing. The kids are kicking butt so far, and have been able to stick fussy Frying Pan fish on dries as well as catching some really, really nice fish on the Roaring Fork using big stoneflies. Special thanks go out to our guide and shop staff who've been gracious enough to donate their time, efforts and flies (Travis, Tyler, Brandon, Josh and Will) Now that I'm back in the shop full time again, look forward to more and more blogs on here. I've gathered so much content in the past six weeks that it's amazing....never have I seen so many big fish caught in a spring! Talk to you all real soon, thanks for following Taylor Creek Fly Shops Blog. - Kirk Webb -